Three Chinaman face black painted puzzle


There are three Chinese guys sleeping in a hotel room. Someone paints their faces with black color during the night. When they wake up in the morning they look at each other and all start laughing.
If one of them realizes he is black too he stops laughing. Because they are all smart and they know it about each other one of them will realize it soon. How did he find out?

Just realize that if two friends are dirty it means that I am too. If I see two laughing dirty guys it doesn’t mean that I’m dirty too they might be laughing at each other and I might be clean. No one can point or say anything.

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 1st January 2017 in Brain Teaser.
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    Suppose three persons are A , B, C.

    Now A sees both B and C face colored and both are laughing.

    Now A thinks that if My(A’s) face is not colored and B is laughing seeing C,So from B’s perspective he sees  C laughing and A’s face not colored that means his face (B’s) is  colored so B should have stopped laughing soon.
    But B continue to laugh that means he thinks that C laughing at A.So A’s face should be colored.

    So as soon as he realize he will stop laughing

    dyj Expert Answered on 3rd January 2017.
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    Possibile situations: 1) First of all, if there was one only guy painted, he wouldn’t see any face painted, so he wouldn’t laugh in the first place. 2) If two guys were painted, they would both laugh for a moment but they would immediately realize that they were both painted (since the 3d guy is not painted) and stop laughing. 3) If they were all painted, it would take just a little longer for them to realize that (than in case 2) and stop laughing.

    Alkis Curious Answered on 13th February 2017.
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