Business trek with their respective wives and crossing the river puzzle


Three jealous personnel at IGHALO Ltd went on a business trek with their respective wives and they needed to cross a river but they found only a boat without a boatman. Interestingly, the boat was so small that it could contain not more than two of them at a time.
How can these six persons cross the river so that none of the women shall be left in the company of any of the men unless her husband is present?

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    Let husbands be A,B,C and wives be a,b,c
    first two wives will go (a.b)
    then b come back and b and c will go then c will come back and A and B  will go then Band b will come back now B and C will go then a will come back b and c will go then A will come back and a and A WILL GO

    Yodha Expert Answered on 5th October 2016.
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