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One day I decided to walk all the way from Bangalore to Tumkur. I started exactly at noon. And someone I know in Tumkur decided to walk all the way to Bangalore from Tumkur and she started exactly at 2 JP.M., on the same day.
We met on the Bangalore-Tumkur Road at five past four, and we both reached our destination at exactly the same time.
At what time did we both arrive?

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    Lets  say that the speed of me is V1 and my friend speed is V2.  Since we both arrived  at the same times, means that it took him to path the distance that I walked for 4:05 hours (4+1/12=49/12) the same time as it took me to path the distance he walked for 2:05 hours (2+1/12=25/12)

    so we can write: 49 * V1          25 *  V2
                                          ———-  =   ———-   >>>     49 * V1^2  = 25 * V2 ^2  >>>>   7 * V1  =  5 *  V2 >>>  V1 = (5/7) *V2
                                          12 * V2          12 *   V1

    So now we can calculate the time after the meeting:  (49/12) * [(5/7)*V2]/V2 = 35/12 = 2+11/12 = 2:55.  So since the meeting  was at 4:05 they we both arrived at 4:05+2:55=07:00 pm

    Moshe Expert Answered on 3rd March 2023.
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    The key to the solution is that with a little bit of pencil work, it will be found, while I can walk 5 miles, my friend who started from Tumkur can walk 7 miles. Let’s assume the distance between Bangalore and Tumkur is 24 miles, then the point of meeting would be 14 miles from Bangalore, and therefore I walked 3+(3/7)miles per hour while my friend walked 4 +4/5 miles per hour, and we both arrived exactly at 7 P.M

    John123 Expert Answered on 26th July 2015.
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