Tossing old gold coin puzzle


Two men find an old gold coin and want to have a coin toss with it to decide who gets it. The only problem is the coin is heavier on one side so it comes up heads more than tails.

What is a fair way for the men to toss the coin and decide who gets the coin?old gold coin riddle

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    A competition of two rounds, they can make a deal for both of them to choose one same face then one of them toss as a first round then the second round for the other man,

    If the result of the rounds are the same face the competition should be repeated till the result of rounds are different and the winner is the one who had the chosen face

    Ahmed_Naguib Curious Answered on 1st August 2016.
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    Lets assume probability of H is x and that of tail is 1-x. We can see that the probability  of coming HT and TH is same which is x(1-x).
    So The two guys can chose one of the two cases(HT or TH)  for each of them. And start flipping the coin:
    if HH came then the cycle restarts.. and same for TT.
    Hence HT and TH can be obtained equiprobably.

    Deepak Kushwah Curious Answered on 1st August 2016.
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    Toss the coin even number of times for both.. Who gets maximum head would get the coin.

    CPUarun Starter Answered on 5th August 2016.
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