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There are three boxes of different sizes with three cupcakes inside each of the boxes in Christina’s kitchen. At night her daughter wakes up and goes to the kitchen. She opens a box and eats all three cakes.

But in the morning Christina finds out that each box still had three cupcakes. How?

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    The question doesn’t say anything about the packing composition of the boxes. Each box contains cupcakes, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the cakes are placed directly inside the boxes. (Each of them may be packed in separate packets or smaller boxes)

    So, the daughter took a the medium / larger sized box, ate the cakes in it, and put one of the other boxes inside the empty one, so that, in the morning, all available boxes (only two) contain three cakes (one of cake-containing boxes being inside another box).

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 3rd April 2023.
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