Tsientsien Don’t Eat


Jonathan Mark gathered three specimens of Martian
plant and animal life to bring back to Earth: a garble, a
farfel and a tsientsien. But Mark was worried. His vehicle
for local travel was not big enough to hold more than
himself and one specimen. Mark knew that garbles will
eat farfels if given half a chance, and farfels will eat
tsientsien. Garbles, however, don’t eat tsientsien, and
tsientsien don’t eat. All the other astronauts were away
from the ship. How could Mark transport the garble,
the farfel and the tsientsien one at a time so that they
would all be safe?

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    1. Mark took the farfel to the aircraft and left it there.
    2. He drove back alone.
    3. He transported the tsientsien and left it there.
    4. He drove back with the farfel.
    5. He transported the garble and left it there with the
    6. He drove back alone.
    7. He transported the farfel

    rahul Guru Answered on 17th July 2015.
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