Vacation Time


Four women, Louise, Lise, Carole and Lily are seated at a table.
They are chatting about their holidays.
They went to California, Texas, Florida and Arizona riding a lion, tiger, zebra and a pony.

Hints     : 1- The woman riding the zebra did not smoke.
                 2- Carole declared that she loved Miami.
                 3- The woman riding the tiger had a cigarette with Lily.
                 4- Louise said :” Buy your pony a new saddle, Carole. I saw some during ourtrip to California?”
                 5- The woman riding the tiger mentioned that she had seen the Alamo in Texas.
                 6- Lise was a chain-smoker.

Question :  What are the holiday destination and method of transportation for each woman ?

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    Louise – zebra – California,
    Lise – tiger – Texas,
    Carole – pony – Florida,
    Lily – lion – Arizona

    pnikam Expert Answered on 17th August 2015.
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