What is the real time ?


In a dream, I was travelling in a country where they had strange ways of doing things. One little incident was fresh in my memory when I awakened. I saw a clock and announced the time as it appeared to be indicated, but my guide corrected me.
He said, “You are apparently not aware that the minute hand always moves in the opposite direction to the hour hand. Except for this improvement, our clocks are  precisely the same as. those you have been accustomed to.” Since the hands were exactly together between the hours of four and five o clock, and they started together at noon, what is the real time?

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    The hour indicated would be exactly 23+1/13 minutes after four o clock. But because the minute hand moved in the opposite direction, the real time would be 36 +12/13 minutes after four. You must deduct the number of minutes indicated from 60 to get the real time.

    ravi Expert Answered on 30th July 2015.
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