Who can enter the door puzzle


A green glass door admits only certain objects.
Apples and balls are allowed,
but, pears and bats aren’t.

What determines whether an item can enter?
Can guava or Carrot enter the door?

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 2nd May 2016 in Brain Teaser.
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    To pass through the door one of  the letters in the name of the item should be  appear twice continuously.

    Like in Apple the letter ‘p’ appears twice continuously

    in Balls the letter ‘l’ appears twice.

    with same logic guava does not pass through the door,But Carrot will pass through the door.

    dyj Expert Answered on 2nd May 2016.
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    carrot will enter because it has two  letters same ..and we can see that the objects with two letters same in it are only entering..for ex-apple (pp),balls(ll)etc

    mohitsingh Genius Answered on 6th May 2016.
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