Who is the murderer?


Role Action
Block Prevents the target player from acting
Redirect Change target player target.
Save Protects the target player from death.
Seer Sees all actions that occurred
Murderer Kills the target player

Following five players are playing:

You are Andy the Seer and you saw the following things:
a) Brian was redirected to Chris.
b) Chris was blocked.
c) Daniel was killed.

Who is the murderer then?

pnikam Expert Asked on 22nd August 2015 in Puzzles.
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    The murderer is Fred.

    Andy is the seer so exclude him.
    Now, if Brian was murderer, then Chris should have been killed.
    Now we know that Chris was blocked. Therefore he cannot be the murderer.
    Daniel cant be the killer as he was killed himself.
    This leaves with Fred.

    anikam Expert Answered on 22nd August 2015.
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