Winter is for Holiday


Fill in the clues to reveal the hidden message, in this holiday and cold weather puzzle, from us to you.

Using the clues given, fill in the grid boxes with the answers. In the grid, each horizontal row is one clue and the clues should be entered from the top down. So the first horizontal row goes with clue 1, the second horizontal row goes with clue 2, etc. When the grid is complete, read the highlighted boxes from top to bottom for the hidden message.

HINT: Some of the clues are one word, some are two. Don’t leave spaces between the words when entering a two word answer.

  1. The Coldest Season of the Year
  2. Spicy, hot drink to ward off chills
  3. For kissing your beau under
  4. A hot stone for your feet & a horse to pull you through the snow
  5. Zipping down the mountain trails, diamond back to bunny hill
  6. Warmers for your hands
  7. Tasty drink that’s good with brandy & nutmeg added
  8. These sparkling beauties are nature made
  9. Green trailing plant
  10. The cookie that makes a house
  11. Festive greens for your front door
  12. Red & white sticks of pure pleasure
  13. No two alike they mantle the ground in cold weather
  14. Pretty plants with red leaves that form the flower
  15. Something for the fireplace
  16. Father Time and Baby _____ ________
  17. Long tailed headgear with a pompom on the end
  18. Waltzing around the icy pond
  19. Gaily wrapped with a bright red bow
  20. This cake like dessert can be made using the real fruit
  21. This plant has sharp green leaves and little red berries
  22. String these on the trees – inside and out
  23. Three balls of snow, a felt hat and a carrot nose
  24. The horses prance while wearing these
  25. An Eskimo’s house
  26. Down the hill on the snow – whee!
  27. Sing a merry song to your neighbors
  28. If you go to one you should bring a gift for the hostess

Nishant Guru Asked on 1st August 2015 in Puzzles.
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