Women and Fish lateral thinking puzzle


A woman had a pet goldfish which she loved very dearly. One day she noticed that it was swimming feebly in its bowl and it looked very unwell. She rushed to the vet with her prized pet and he told her to come back in an hour.
When she returned she found the goldfish swimming strongly and looking healthy again.

How had the vet managed this?

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    The vet could see that the goldfish was dying of old age so to spare the old lady’s feelings he dashed out and bought a young but identical fish and disposed of the old one.

    Points to be noted are-
    1) Did the vet change the water? – No!
    2) Did he give the fish any medication, food, or tonic? – No.
    3) Had the woman had the goldfish for a long time? – Yes.

    SherlockHolmes Expert Answered on 17th June 2017.
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