A hunter and a shepherd riddle


A hunter met two shepherds, one of whom had three loaves and the other, five loaves. All the loaves were the same size. The three men agreed to share the eight loaves equally between them. After they had eaten, the hunter gave the shepherds eight bronze coins as payment for his meal. How should the two shepherds fairly divide this money?

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    7 Rupees for the shepherd with 5 loaf, and 1 rupees for the shepherd with 3 loaf.

    For simplicity lets assume each loaf costs 3 rupees.
    Then they have 5*3+3*3=24 rupees worth loaf total.

    Now three men divide them equally among themselves that means each men ate loaf of 8 rupees worth.

    Now the hunter gave them 8 rupees for his share of leaf.

    each shepherd ate loaf of total 8 rupees worth.

    The shepherd with 5 loaf had 5*3=15 rupees worth loaf but he ate only 8 rupees worth load so his money will be 15-8=7 rupees.

    The shepherd with 3 load ate 8 rupees worth loaf but had 9 rupees worth loaf so his money will be 9-8 =1 rupees

    dyj Expert Answered on 16th March 2019.
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