Candies interview puzzle


In a closed jar,
There are

  • Three strawberry candies,
  • Two mango candies and
  • Five pineapple candies.

You can’t see inside the jar.
Now, how many toffees you must take out from the jar to make sure that you have one of each flavor?

candies interview brain teasers

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    9 worst case when 5 pineapple and 3 strawberries are chosen and still not all flavours

    Yodha Expert Answered on 25th April 2016.
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    Pranav Jain Scholar Answered on 25th April 2016.
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    9 worst case as pineapple candies are 5 and strawberries are 3 and mango is 2 so if we have taken out 5 pineapple and then 3 strawberries and atleast 1 mango  candies hence we can get all the candies atleast once.

    suraj Guru Answered on 29th May 2016.
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