Count the Animals


A cricket has 6 legs, a squirrel has 4 legs and a spider has 8 legs.

In a local zoo, it was found that the total number of legs is 612. Also, there are equal number of each of the above animals/insects.

Can you find out how many animals are there in the zoo?

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    There are 34 of each animal.

    Since it is given that there are equal number of each of the animals, let this number be X.


    Total No. of legs = 6X + 4X + 8X = 16X.

    It is also given that total No. of legs = 612.

    Hence, 16X = 612 => X = 612 / 18 = 34.

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 23rd July 2021.
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