Dividing Toffees


Some toffees are equally divided amongst Sam, John and Mary. Each of them now consumes 6 toffees. The combined number of toffees now remaining equals the number of toffees each had just after division. How many toffees were divided amongst them?

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    Let the number of toffees received by each friend = A

    So after having 6 toffees, each friend is left with = (A – 6)

    So the total number of toffees remaining = 3 x (A – 6)

    As per the question, this is equal to the number of toffees each friend had before division (A), hence 3 x (A – 6) = A, or A = 9.

    Since total number of toffees divided was 3 x A, hence answer is 3 x A = 27

    pnikam Expert Answered on 15th August 2015.
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