Dollar and Cent Riddle


I went to the bookshop and spent one-half of the money that was in my purse.

When I came out, I found that I had as many cents as I had dollars and half as many dollars as I had cents when I went in. Find the money in my purse when I entered the store.

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    I don’t see a solution here. Lets say for example that I had 80$ and 40 cent.
    Then after spending half of my money I have now 40$ and 20 cents.  So in dollars I have now as much as I had cents when I went is but I don’t have as many cents as I had dollars. and if I spent only dollars without cents there are a lot of solutions.

    I thought that  the only way to solve it is to take in consideration  that I had to change one dollar into cents because I didn’t had enough cents (like something cost xx.50 and I only had 10 cents)
    The only solution I can think of is that i had 151.5$. after spending half I have 75.75$ (so dollar and cents are the same and if we say that I had 150$ and 150 cents then  I have half as many dollars (0.5*150) as I had cents when I went in

    Moshe Expert Answered on 12th March 2023.
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