Double Number Riddle


Can you think of a smallest +ve number such that if we shuffle the digits of the number, the new number becomes double the original number?

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    There is no such number. Since the question says, after shuffling, “the new number” becomes double the original, it implies that the number, if exists, MUST be a two-digit number. (Otherwise, when you shuffle digits, you will get multiple new numbers. E.g. consider the number 124. Shuffling the digits, we get 142, 214, 241, 412, and 421.) So, we can’t say “the new number” is so-and-so. It can only be “one of the new numbers”. “The new number” is possible only if it is a two-digit number, so that ‘shuffling’ gives only one new number.)

    And, among the two-digit numbers, there is no such number that, when digits are reversed, results in doubling the number. The closest you can get is with 37, which, when shuffled, becomes 73, which is 1.973 times the original.


    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 2nd October 2022.
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