How many squares would there be in total on chess board


If you were to construct a 8 x 8 checkered square (i.e., a 8 x 8 chess board).

How many squares would there be in total?

chessboard square count puzzle

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    it is       8 squared+ 7 squared+ 6 squared+………..+1

    GeNiUs Genius Answered on 19th March 2016.
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    Let’s generalize a formula for mxn chess board( given n<m).

    So total no. of elements in the chess board would be squares.
    So, m*n.
    Then we will select 2*2 squares, which will be (m-1)*(n-1).
    On further repeating , we will get that:
    Total no. of squares= Σ(i=0 to i=n-1) (m-i)*(n-i)

    pandabouy Guru Answered on 23rd May 2016.
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    There are 64 squares of 1×1
    There are 49 squares of 2×2
    There are 36 squares of 3×3
    There are 25 squares of 4×4
    There are 16 squares of 5×5
    There are 09 squares of 6×6
    There are 04 squares of 7×7
    There is     01 square   of 8×8
    Total =204 squares

    Moshe Expert Answered on 6th November 2022.
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