Logical Berries


There is a jar in which there are two types of candies.
20 blueberries and 16 strawberries. You perform the following steps:
1) You take out two candies.
2) If the two candies are of the same flavour, you add a blueberry one otherwise, you add the strawberry one.

You repeat these two steps till there is just one candy remaining in the jar. Which flavoured candy will be left?

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    If we look carefully on the facts we can see that:
    when we take different flavors the number of strawberries remains the same (we took one and put one back) and the  number of blueberries decreases.
    However when we take the same flavor, the number of blueberries will decrease by one (if we took 2 blueberries) or increase by one (if we took 2 strawberries), but the number of strawberries can not be decreased by one. So because the  number of strawberries is even means that no matter how many blueberries we have we will get a positions that we are left with two strawberries, and when we take them both we end at a situation where all that’s left is only blueberries. So the  flavor left will be blueberry.

    Moshe Expert Answered on 29th January 2023.
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