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A man has three sick children. he has a 24-ounce bottle of medicine and needs to give each child eight ounces of the medicine. he is unable to get to the store and has only three clean containers, which measure 5, 11 and 13 ounces. The electricity is out and he has no way of heating water to wash the containers and doesn’t want to spread germs. How can he divide the medicine to give each child an equal portion without having any two children drink from the same container?

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    Fill 13 one take 11 ounces from it(2 left).
    Now take 5 ounces from 11 ounce  – 6 ounces will be left put 2 ounces from 13 ounces container feed him then. – We get 8 ounces in 13 ounces container

    Fill 13ounce from  5 ounces and fill it more from the bottle and then take 5 ounces from it left 8 ounces feed him.

    Rest feed the remaining 8 ounces from the bottle and  5 ounces.
    All three dealt with

    Yodha Expert Answered on 2nd March 2019.
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    Fill the 13 oz bottle, from it fill the 5 oz bottle and pour the remaining 8 oz from the 13 oz bottle into the 11 oz bottle.  Return the 5 oz from the 5 oz bottle to the medicine bottle and fill the 13 oz bottle again.  Once you have, again, poured 5 oz from the 13 oz bottle into the 5 oz bottle and have restored it again to the medicine bottle you have an 8 oz servings in each of the medicine bottle, the 11 oz bottle and the 13 oz bottle.

    BAdler Starter Answered on 8th March 2019.
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