My name sounds like a bird , who am i?


My name sounds like a bird
Whole body is like tongue of a lizard
Am different colors
And I well can be very littered

My energy melts away over time
But not quite like an ice
And when not taken care of
I’ll collect dust and lice

Hint: It’s not a food. And it is quite sticky.

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    Is it:

    Duct tape

    Sounds like a bird:

    “Duck” tape

    Body like the tongue of a lizard:

    Sticky, like has already been mentioned

    Am different colors:

    Duct tape is sold in a variety of colors

    Well can be very littered:

    Not sure if there’s more to this one, but scraps of duct tape can be left around as litter

    Energy melts away:

    As with other answers, it loses its stickiness over time. Also, old duct tape can start to melt over time if stuck to something out in the heat, etc

    It’ll collect dust and lice:

    Even when on the roll, the sides of a roll of duct tape can be sticky enough to collect dust

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    neha Expert Answered on 25th July 2015.
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