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At the pharmacy, Mark has asked for 80% alcohol, but the pharmacy doesn’t have one, so he bought half liter of 96% alcohol and a liter of distilled water. How much distilled water does he need to pour into the half liter of 96% alcohol, so he could get 80% alcohol product?

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    Answer – 0.1 liters of water

    Mark has 0.96/2 liters of pure alcohol i.e. 0.48L
    To get 80%,
    he needs 0.96/2/0.8=0.6 total liters of fluid.

    He already has 1/2 a liter of fluid, so he needs 0.6-0.5=0.1 liters of water to get there.

    SherlockHolmes Expert Answered on 5th July 2017.
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