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There are 5 people with 5 different jobs in the same branch. Person 1 makes €64.243, person 2 makes €55.254, we don’t know what person 3 makes. We do know person 4 makes €37.210 and person 5 makes €28.165. We know that there is a system in the salaries.

What is the salary of the 3rd person?

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    Answer – 46.243

    First two digits have sum of 10 and as for the last three digits, the two digits after decimal point are multiplication result of first two digits. As for the last digit, it is second last minus one.

    Mohit Starter Answered on 28th July 2017.
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    The third person will earn 46.243.
    Why is the color of the sky is blue?

    KalziaBarry Curious Answered on 4th October 2017.
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