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20 Software bug were given a bounty and assigned to a software developer. For each bug resolution, the software developer was promised $10000. However, for every bug reported in his resolution, it was decided that he would have to give back $5000.
To win maximum bounty amount, the software developer gave resolution to all the 20 bugs. As a result, he got some bug reported in his resolution and got finally got $125000 at the end of the evaluation.

Can you calculate how many bugs were reported back in the resolutions? software-developer-bounty-prize-puzzle

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    15 as he was lack of 75000 of what he could earn  so 15 bugs 15 x 5000 dollars loss

    Yodha Expert Answered on 11th September 2016.
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    Let the no. of bugs he corrected be C and the no. of bugs that were defective be D.

    So for every correct bugs he got 10000, so he got 10000C for correct bugs

    Again for every defective bugs, he lose 5000,so he lose a total of 5000D.

    Thus 10000C-5000D = 125000  —–i

    and again C+D=20 ——ii

    after solving these two equations we have C=15 and D=5

    so he corrected 15 bugs and his 5 bugs detection were  defective

    sourav_basu Curious Answered on 11th September 2016.
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    As it is written already that he will give 5000 back once he receive the amount.

    Pardeep_27 Starter Answered on 30th September 2016.
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    5000+(125000/10000)  = 0.5+12.5
    = 13
    it was decided that he would have to give back 5000.
    finally 125000 means after gave back 5000 (125000+5000) it means 130000 so answer is 13

    Poornima Starter Answered on 22nd November 2016.
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    If the developer had corrected 20 bugs he would get 20 x 10000 = 200000$ . Since he got only 125000 it means that he had to give back 75000.  So 75000/5000=15

    Moshe Expert Answered on 6th November 2022.
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