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A generous owner of a company decided to give a bonus of $45 to every man and $60 to every woman on his birthday. But only one-ninth of the men and one-twelfth of the women were present to take the bonus.

Can you calculate the amount of money the owner spent if there were 3552 employees?

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    Let the No. of men who were present be X, and No. of women, Y. The total amount spent would be 45X + 60Y

    It is given that 1/9 of men and 1/12 of women employees were present. i.e., X is 1/9 of total men and Y is 1/12 of total women.
    Hence, total No. of employees  = 9X + 12Y =  3552.

    45X + 60Y = (9X + 12Y) x 5

    => Amount spent = 3552 x 5 = 17,760.

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 26th March 2023.
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