Teacher and chalkstick saving puzzle


Your teacher has a total of 36 chalks.
When a chalk reduces to 1/6 of its original size, it gets too small for her to hold for writing and hence she keeps it aside. But your teacher hates wasting things and so, when she realizes that she has enough of these small pieces to join and make another chalk of the same size, she joins them and uses the new chalk stick.

If she uses one chalk each day, how many days would the 36 chalks last?

chalkstick saving puzzle

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    every six chalks, she can get 1 new chalk.
    So in 36 days she can get 6 new chalks.
    with these 6 chalks she can make 1 more new chalk .

    So the chalks will last 36+6+1 = 43 days

    SreeRoopa Sankararaman Genius Answered on 18th March 2016.
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    Shanu katolkar Genius Answered on 20th April 2016.
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    she has 36 chalks. she uses 1 chalk each day.
    (5/6 + 1/6)+(4/6 + 2/6 )+ …….(36 times)  =   1+1+…1   =    36 .

    Shanu katolkar Genius Answered on 25th April 2016.
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