Temple and River Riddle


somewhere in the wonder land there are sequence of 7 Temples separated by 7 rivers,
Sequence is Temple, River, Temple, River…………
A man has to put equal number of flowers on every temple but the catch is as he crossed the river, remaining flowers will be doubled (2 times)

how many flowers should a man carry with him before entering into first temple so that till last river he has left with nothing?

Assume he took 5 flowers,
on first temple he drop 2, remaining is 3 as he crossed the river it will become 6, he put same number of flowers (i.e 2 flowers) 6-2=4 which again become twice in second river means 8…

SherlockHolmes Expert Asked on 30th June 2018 in Brain Teaser.
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    127 flowers initially and drops 64 flower at each temple.

    Rahul262 Starter Answered on 7th July 2018.
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