Who is married to whom?


A man died and leaves Rs.10,000 in his will. There are 6 beneficiaries- his 3 sons and their wives. The 3 wives receive Rs.3960 of which Priyanka gets Rs.100 more than Tanu and Neha gets Rs.100 more than Priyanka.
Pramod gets twice as much as his wife, Tushar gets the same as his wife, and Prashant gets 50% more than his wife.

Who is married to whom?

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    Of the daughters who shared Rs. 3960, Tanu got 1220, Priyanka got 1320 (100 more than Tanu) and Neha got 1420 (100 more than Priyanka)

    The remaining Rs. 6040 was divided among the husbands as 1220, 1980 and 2840, received by Tushar, Prashant and Pramod respectively.

    As per the details given, Tanu is married to Tushar (who got same amount as his wife)
    while Priyanka is married to Prashant who got 50% more than his wife and
    Neha is married to Pramod (who got twice as much as his wife.)

    Viji_Pinarayi Expert Answered on 28th January 2023.
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