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In Mulund, the shoe store is closed every Monday, the boutique is closed every Tuesday, the grocery store is closed every Thursday and the bank is open only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Everything is closed on Sunday.

One day A, B, C and D went shopping together, each with a different place to go. They made the following statements:
A Says D and I wanted to go earlier in the week but there wasn?t day when we could both take care of our errands.
B Says  I did not want to come today but tomorrow I will not be able to do what I want to do.
C Says I could have gone yesterday or the day before just as well as today.
D Says Either yesterday or tomorrow would have suited me.

Which place did each person visit ?

market different shops puzzle

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    thesucker Expert Answered on 4th June 2016.
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    A goes to boutique, B goes to bank, C goes to grocery store, D goes to shoe store. They all go together on Wednesday.

    MEGHA Starter Answered on 5th June 2016.
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    sat fri thu wed tue mon sun
    a,b,c,d c,d a,b,c,d d a,b,c,d closed closed shoes
    a,b,c,d c,d a,b,c,d a closed a,b,c,d closed boutique
    a,b,c,d a closed c a,b,c,d a,b,c,d closed grocery
    closed b closed b closed a,b,c,d closed bank

    It is obvious that the possible days are WEDNESDAY or FRIDAY, but since A Says D and I wanted to go earlier in the week but there wasn’t day when we could both take care of our errands,
    it can’t be Friday because this statement will be false, so only Wednesday is left!!

    Moshe Expert Answered on 24th June 2020.
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